DreamGirls works with young women and girls to achieve economic independency

From girl to woman, we support young females to move from economic dependency to self-sufficiency and become successful & purposed-driven professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders. Our strength is in inspiring and supporting young women to become women of action, women of excellence and women who contribute to building a thriving society.
As an organization, we are constantly developing a robust pipeline and hub of top young female talent. We offer a wide range of female empowerment services in the form of structured mentorship programmes, professional & personal development coaching, empowerment workshops & events, corporate employee volunteer programmes, financial study aid and outreach projects.
This organization was established in Johannesburg on 6 November 2011, as an offshoot of DreamGirls International, by a group of young black South African females seeking to encourage young women to educate themselves, plan, fulfill their potential, and become successful well-rounded trailblazers and change makers.
By the end of 2019, over 1200 teen girls & young women would’ve completed and graduated from at least one of our mentorship & empowerment programmes across Johannesburg, Cape Town, Welkom, Polokwane and Durban.

Organizational Objectives

Mentor and support teen girls and young women to gain an education as a foundation to set themselves up for a better future.
Provide access to opportunities, professional and personal development information as well as skills for the future.
Equip and empower young women to become economically active and positive contributing members to society.
Provide a network and sense of community for our stakeholders.
DreamGirls Mantra

“I will strive for excellence in all work that I do. I will open myself to learning at all times and I will serve with the same passion & empathy to all those around me!”